Bed comfy, food great, space relaxed & homely, teaching gentle and sound, abundant care & kindness - Thank you”

“I loved hearing about the north, south, east and west points of Candor”

“In November I  visited Lindi and Grant’s Heart and Mindfulness weekend retreat in Candor.  I took a very long train journey to Cornwall, but it was sooo worth it.  The venue was stunning, a huge converted barn set in beautiful woodland Cornish countryside.  Lindi led the Yoga and meditation, which was deep and powerful.  The homegrown food was prepared and cooked by Grant and was delicious.  There were about 15 of us who enjoyed the weekend - our every need was catered for.”

“Perfect beyond what I might have hoped for. Environment, guidance, teaching, compassion…”

“The venue was spectacular - seeped in nature.The atmosphere was lovely. The food was wonderful, tasty and wholesome”

“The quality of the yoga was excellent. The people on the class were very special”

“The learning that it is good to acknowledge a feeling - physical and emotional without judging, thinking or needing to react to it”

“Reconnecting with nature, breathing in the air, being aware of outside”

“Fabulous weekend in a very special setting, great hosts, lovely people, great food, yoga was great and well taught. Surpassed expectation”  

“The weekend was overwhelmingly way more amazingly wonderful than I expected. I was given permission to relax which was unexpected and had a huge impact. It was all perfect for me.”