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Candor Gallery & Story

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Candor. “Ivy clad barns lost in time – waiting to be rediscovered”.

The land of Candor was once a working farmstead (beef and arable) recorded at least as far back as 1841 on the tithe map.

The name Candor, whether intentional or not, beautifully describes the land it is attached to. Candor in Cornish may mean ‘land of poem/song’ ( kan n. f.(plural: kanow) =song/poem; dor n.m. (plural: doryow) = earth/ground ) whereas kabm= crooked/bent evocatively describes the stream shepherding  the land.

Candor consisted of approximately 50 acres comprising twelve fields, two barns, a cow-shed and a typical ‘two up, two down’ stone house adjacent to a barn. Behind the farmhouse was a large ‘mowhay’ or farmyard, accessed by a lane, which then continued over the brow of the hill to Treverbyn Farm.

There was also an enclosed cobbled bullock-yard flanked by a barn, the cow shed (linhay) and stone walls.

There was no electricity and all the water was obtained from a nearby natural spring which spills into the stream.

In the 1950’s the farmstead of house and barns (then part of a much larger farm) was abandoned and lay derelict until Grant and Lindi came across it whilst travelling in Cornwall in 2002. Grant (originally from New Zealand with a long time love of Cornwall of 25 years) and Lindi (a mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher) immediately fell in love with the land. After obtaining the property from the nearby farmer, Grant and Lindi started to create a vision as to how they might work with the land and buildings to create a place for people to come and stay, rest and play. Grant did warn Lindi this was at least a 15 year mission and may never actually end in their lifetime!

The land is blessed with a stream, which runs the full length of Candor, old trees and grassland. Whilst the original house no longer exists, the barns are being lovingly restored to offer accommodation. The restoration is based on using the original materials such as local stone, slate, cob, lime, locally sourced clay plasters and joinery. Grant has used renewable energy, insulation and air tightening techniques learnt whilst completing the “Renewable Energy in the Built Environment degree” at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. There is an 11kW wind turbine which supplies all of the energy requirements (with surplus to export to the grid) for cooking, heating and lighting. To improve the energy use efficiency, ground and air source heat pumps have also been installed.

An intriguing labyrinth has been planted, is maturing and adds to the presence of old knowledge and rituals.

This is a place where both the past and the future are truly connected to the present.