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A typical class: Starts with seated breath-based arriving practice; simple warm-up exercises using movement with breath awareness; progresses to include a mixture of classic postures (asanas) for whole body stretching and balancing; closing with relaxation, breathing practices (pranayama), mantra and 10- 20 minutes guided mindfulness/silent sitting-meditation practice.

Lindi’s Yoga background:

Lindi has been practising yoga for over 30 years, influenced and encouraged by Joan Ponton, she went on to train with Swami Satchidananda Ma and qualified as a Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1999. Over the past 20 years Lindi has been teaching individuals and groups privately and through Adult Education, Schools, Social Services and Prisons. The classes have included mixed groups, men, women, children, young adults with special needs, and, with the Prison Phoenix Trust, in a Therapeutic Community, Young Offenders Institute and Prisons.

Lindi increasingly experiences Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana) with Yoga as a practical, accessible support and inspiration for happier and healthier living – as a way of moving towards strength, through gentleness and stillness.…

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